Friday, February 12, 2010

Ports 1961 - FALL 10

Ports 1961

Wool, tweed, neoprene, and wellies all wrapped up with a certain poise for the Ports 1961 show. It was classic with a modern twist (thanks to accessorizing mostly and occasional odd end pattern choices) and it finds it's appeal in it's modesty. It works because it doesn't try to be what it is not and it embraces the concept of a "Woman". You can tell in looking at the clothes that there is a versatility and a comfort that so many modern collections cannot offer. I love the combination of heavy drapery, gloves, and tassled no time to fix my hair looks. I also am always a sucker for a dark matte outerwear pieced with a light satin undergarment. This is a collection the say when you want to come off as one who respects fashion but takes their look as classy, slightly country aristocratic, 1920's, & adventurous. LOVE WELLIES with high fashion. Very Churchill.

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