Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Michael Angel - Fall 10

Michael Angel

I feel like all my favorite collections got together and had a love child and this is what she looks like. It kinda feels to me like Balenciaga, Chloe, McQueen, and Herve Leger all in one. With that said, it actually doesn't feel like it ripped off anyones particular style because there isn't that much innovation going on with the design. I admit the textile design is just supersonic. He clearly spends a lot of his time developing the fabrics and I honestly want to own a few of these pieces. I love the soft chiffons with the short length furs trims and coats. People will be noticed in these dresses but I do think he could have done just a little bit more on the design level to keep my interest. Maybe like a nice array of several pairs of pants in a winter collection? I'm trying not feel like I've seen this done before, because we haven't, but it kind of feels like we have. I love a lot of these pieces and am positive we are going to see a lot of this on our sexy icons this year. Enjoy my highlights...I do.


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