Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing ME!

It's that time. Time to open up.

So here goes....

I got a lot. I want it all. And I'm gonna get it. AND BETTER YET you can come over here whenever you want to keep track because I'm gonna tell you all about it all along the way.

Let's begin.

FASHION WEEK! My favorite time and in my favorite place...NEW YORK.... that amazing time is here again and I am going to post all the shows I go to and videos and yes I will be style hunting so stay tuned.

MODELING!!! I'm working with MSA - Model Service Agency - and it's going great. I've already started working and casting and that is a great thing for me since I have been trying to get representation in New York for almost 3 whole years so this is a HUGE manifestation for me. WOO HOO!! If you're in the industry and you'd like to collaborate, you can book me through Thomas there. xxx

DESIGN!!! I'm currently working on a collection for September. ALONE! And if I ever do design with anyone it will only be with the one and only lovely Thyme Francis Hart as she is a good soul and I trust her and her alone with my ideas and my heart! A lot of people in the fashion world would eat you alive if it wasn't illegal all the while pretending that they like you just to get into your brain full of ideas they could never come up with - so be warned all emerging talent - keep your mouths closed, your eyes open, and a fee on ANY work you do...and never work without a contract I don't care if you think they are your friend...if someone won't sign a contract they most surely have ill will on you and you shouldn't work with them.

LOVE!!! Life is good to me and love is even better!

ACTING!!! I'm finally open to the idea of acting and so I'm taking classes in NYC and will keep you posted! I've already audtioned for 30 Rock!!! I did not get to meet Tina Fey however so that is still a goal - She is my favorite and definitely one of the funniest people on Earth.

FAMILY!!! My sister just got married and I made her wedding dress. It was one of the best nights ever and I think it will be hard to beat that one. It was truly a blast!

FRIENDS!!! I'm learning who my real ones are and it is a massive blessing to cross a few people already this year off of that list. I've learned that actually doing that is not a bad thing. It allows me to focus my energy on the people that are still on that list...who I know love me. LOVE YOUS!!!! Make new friends but keep the old, some are silver and let go of the cold! It's hard to actually know who belongs on the list and who doesn't but in time, truth reveals itself and I think that you should always listen to your intuition. IT'S ALWAYS RIGHT! It's saved my life before, why can't it make my life?

My birthday is this weekend and it is going to be stellar. I will post some photos for you.


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