Thursday, February 18, 2010

Malandrino - Fall 10


Catherine Malandrino fuses her Parisian style (and genetics) with Manhattan swagger in a way that exudes creativity while still producing some desirable and beautiful pieces. Her collections are always inspired by something and this time we take an alien like safari and with a lot of jazz. Very few women will actually pull off the ENTIRE look (including hair) but those that attempt will do so for the simple fact that it rocks and on the daring, will work. I heart her, and not just because two of my most fabulous friends have worked for her and have only nice to say, but also because I want a lot of what she makes and you gotta give her props for the safari sari pant done in so many ways in one collection. This trend is only going forward here. I also like that she does one oversize man pant though, as we have seen very little of this Fall 10 and it is a great look that should always be included. . Heart.

this is my favorite look. mmm.

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