Friday, February 12, 2010

Cushnie et Ochs

Cushnie et Ochs

Okay let's get down to reality really quickly; this collection is WEARABLE in a forward way! SEXY! I CAN BREATHE! It is fun and not what you constantly see with a wide array of textures. There could be a bit more styling but who cares. I want this look above desperately, I can't think of anything better than something that show's my tee shirted but curvy bust, keeps me cuddly like a sweater, but maintains the luxury of wearing fur....oh yes and shows of my fabulous legs! WINNER!!! Super 2010 girls! Okay, with that aside we have to review this COLLECTION. So, yes they're new girls in town, yes they have hats [which I am a total fan of millinery and any designer who adds this aspect to their collection wins brownie points with me. I guess it goes back to the days when people used to actually "dress". No man or woman was ever seen without a hat and I like that these girls get that.] AND they're right on time. I'm a bit worried about their FIT as if you can make a 110 pound 16 year old professional model look like she has a gut, something is wrong with your fit or your casting director. Sorry, I've had one designer make me look fat and I cut that mo fo off quicker than those photos got to Google...and guess what, they didn't go away SO, that is just a warning because it really was only one look where the belly was showing as a bit too defined [while distracting the eye from the beautiful sleeve detail in this collection] but it IS a warning and a hope to correct any problems like that in a very hard economy now you have to be supersonic careful and if the bitch looks fat move that dress to the back of the line and put it on the skinny bitch before you get a few too many bad reviews and your new collection goes bust.  - OKAY Don't everyone get pissed this is how fashion works and if it's not designed to make her look great it shouldn't go on the runway no matter how skinny or fat the bitch is! -

Grr tangents! OKAY SO this collection has a lot of leather, which will never go out of style. They are adventurous with their leather and that is even better. You can wear leather from birth to death and this is what makes it great. It looks cute on babies; works great for wiping baby barf off of you quickly and nothing is hotter than a gammy in a leather skirt. And with that said, they have another look, see below, where the sweater meshes with the gloves and this is always a great look. They have an all black outfit with 4 textures so it isn't boring but it's for a classic Edward Scissorhands morning off, hung over and off to work in NYC. Love it! Overall, these girls have a good collaborative eye and make clothes I want in my closet..., which is rare. Well done.

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