Thursday, February 25, 2010

Basso & Brooke - Fall 10

Basso & Brooke

These guys are not only inspiring but they are everything about fashion that I love. They are designers in every sense of the word. This is a beautiful, cohesive collection. It reminds me a lot of Alexander McQueen's Spring 10 collection and that, with his recent tragedy, makes this collection just a bit sweeter than everything else we are seeing. I LOVE the backdrop of all the different fabric textiles and the way that they have SO much going on and it totally works. It's like opening up the box you hid away as a child and just finding treasure after treasure. I love the way this team works, Basso on the print developments, a huge mark of this label, and Brooke on the designs. This works for them and I am always pleased with their collections but this one specifically is truly inspirational. I wish for detail shots from this collection because the detail in the design AND the prints get a bit lost in these images because there is just SO much to take in. And you have to hear how they got their inspiration for this collection as beautifully worded by Tim Blanks on "Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke's search for inspiration took them on a two-week trip down the ancient Silk Road to fabled Samarkand, where East originally met West millennia ago. It was a high-risk endeavor (they had to travel with a bodyguard), but it yielded dividends in the overload of colors, patterns, and textures they were exposed to. "

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