Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Charlotte Ronson - Fall 10

Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson is one of my favorite new designers on the scene. She always does something different  but she always does it well. She makes A LOT of pieces that freakin work and that fraukin shock. I love that in her Spring 10 collection, I melted from all her beautiful lighting with a pastel palette and felt all fuzzy while inspired afterwards. And again, this Fall collection, I'm feeling all clean cut and adventurous with a need to listen to some 90's punk music while getting out some bright colors to mix in with my black boots when it's snowing tomorrow. I want to wear her clothes - they always look comfy no matter how much tailoring one outfit possesses - and now I want a turban too. She shocks with electric pinks, peaches, and blues, among other gypsy style which almost no one has done this season! YAY! I think she gets away with it because she's all wrapped up in her fabulous life and own vision, hence not taking too much time to see what the hell all those people who care so much are doing. It's a real collection people...pay attention. Rock on sister. I'm on her side and looking forward to her Spring 11. Rare. 

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