Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lacoste - Fall 10


Lacoste is a happy brand. I love a show where the models are urged to smile. Lacost is simple and always knows how to use a color. While I think the color blocking at the end was something from a dark kindergarden classroom...they managed to utilize a style I felt alone in wearing and designing for the last four years - when I first wore them on top model - and am happy to see it hit main pret-a-porter fashion; LEG WARMER LEGGINGS! They're the best and look awesome with almost all layering options. There's one look in the bunch with a mini and a beret and it just ringing bells. I think millinery in fashion is a key note to making a collection work and this company has for a long time standing been selling tons of head gear so clap clap for that. I also love a brand that puts men and women (okay boys and girls) together on the runway. It's a hard thing to do but done with ease here. Go prep fashion! 


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