Friday, February 12, 2010



What can I say, it's BCBG. While this image above is BEAUTIFUL! I wish they'd wrapped the entire collection around this idea or at least done a few more silhouettes with this texture combination going on. I'm never that impressed with their collection (since I was 17 before that I melted but hey I was in the market for them and didn't know Alexander McQueen existed) but on that note, BCBG does it's job once again and hey Max Azria has better things to spend his time on like Herve Ledger so let's be fair... This season they used some yellow, some uneven hems and mixed lots of black with brown which I love. The belt is great and I want it. The layering works [and sells because in the summer "hey this works now too go figure...sales elevate] on the dresses and yes this is their mass produced line so they want to sell as much as possible BUT, I, for once would love to see a designer especially on these beautiful flowing dresses....a good old sleeve! JUST ONE DRESS PLEASE! This is designing people. I love the tight bodysuit sleeves under the dresses but it's winter. I also like something to keep me warm. Yes I like the sandals in Acne's collection because it's done right just like these bodysuit sleeves are too BUT I think for the collection to be perfect they would have some more complete winter looks. I always wish people used more color in winter/fall collections. Navy and yellow come close to adding color but it lacks life in this department. The shiny black at the end is the best color in the whole collection as with most of the other collections from this season so far. While the collection has the decency to use belts on some of their moo moo short dresses, I would have also preferred those belts on the long dress and at least one of the short ones to leave the waist to be imagined as legs generally tell the story of what comes before. These are my highlights...the things I'd buy if I had any urge to enter a BCBG store and spend my precious loot on their collection. The best part of the show really is, as far as trends are concerned, is the uniform matte white tights. Clap Clap. Excited for more.

Worn with a purple belt, this could be my favorite.

Great look this is actually very Y-3 which is why I like it I think.

yellow belt please.

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