Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marchesa - Fall 10


Couture is a rare experience in fashion these days. Something can take a ton of time to make, or can be made with the best textiles, but unless it makes you feel like you are a goddess, it is rarely the kind of couture that makes wearing such dress, a truly gratifying experience. So when I went into Marchesa last week for a casting to do their showroom in Paris and New York for fashion week, I really enjoyed trying on these pieces and getting the full experience of this season's magic in the making. Nevertheless, I didn't book the job but am still wishing I had just because getting paid to wear these pieces is awesome and something I want! I'm including a lot of the collection here because it is just seriously beautiful and I love their use of color, ruffles, and the very underused stars in couture. This rose dress below was so beautiful in person, I think it may be my favorite/most desired piece from this season.

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