Friday, February 12, 2010

Erin Wasson x RVCA Fall 10

Erin Wasson x RVCA

I have heard amazing things about this model/designer and the one I like the most is that she lives in Venice, California. (As I too lived in self named "Menace" - My little Marina Del Rey meets Venice neighborhood and fell in love with it). There's just something about the people there. It's not LA when you're by the ocean. It's like they're all escaping to be some kind of happy and it's working. It's always sunny, it's artistic, and bursting with good vibes and adventure. So, when I lived there, I used to model for a store called Madley - the best in Venice - and the girl who owned the store knew Erin Wasson and told me that Alexander McQueen used to send her samples all the time. *Melt* SO, for someone who has a great reputation among people I know and love and who has been modeling for probably something like 10 years wearing all the best labels in the world, I fear to say I wish she'd done more with her label. I LOVED her spring 10 collection. With peek-a-boo brassieres and snake charmber short bodysuits, and Jesus inspired jackets, grunge meets a prep look and I wonder why it didn't cross over to fall...just with different most designers do. I wonder if it was because she is a model and hasn't gone to college for design? Or is she knowledgeable in design and was being just a bit more careful to ensure success hence failed and maybe possibly from using a bit higher end models for Spring? Is it because she was afraid of what they said and being a bit more true to them instead of herself? Regardless, it doesn't matter because something got lost and she owes more to herself and her reputation that this. She's a lucky woman, she has all the connections, all the backings, all the ideas...When I see the Fall collection, I think I am seeing HER walk down the runway...over and over the same same and not different. When what we need to see to believe it and buy it is HER VISION. The only look that meant anything to me was the one above. While we all dress in a certain way, I think to design for global women, not just yourself, means adding a whole new twist to styling a collection, lots more influence, ideas, treasures of your soul no one knew existed, and changing them each time. How about that snake charmer bodysuit but in jimi hendrix record album covers long version this round? I think the collection is wearable but in the 70's, 80's, and 90's...not necessarily the 10's. I think all the outfits were things I've seen in Venice on my friends and I want to see Miss Beautiful inspire them to redirect and rethink their style as Miss Designer and change fashion. She did as a model, can she do it as a designer? Next time will be the answer...I loathe waiting 6 months for these kind of answers! Good luck sista! You're beautiful inside and out so do it! I hope she can prove that she's better than this, next round.

While the fit of this, and the front detail for that matter is ALL wrong, something is just is sooo 70's it needs to be modernizes and with some color! Right track, wrong train.

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