Friday, February 12, 2010

ACNE (Review) FALL 2010


For me, Acne can do no wrong. What I love about them is not only that they have partnered with Lanvin or that they have made some of the best and most forward [while still being comfortable and easy to wear] pieces I have ever worn in my life, but they only do 17 pieces for their show here and have sandals on their girls for their Fall collection.

Let me tell you why Acne is still in business. It's not only because they choose a color palette and a scheme of prints and stick closely by the hip to it, but also because they make every kind of clothes for every kind of person sell like H&M in Swede in their mass produced Pret-a-porter, BUT, when it comes to catching your eye in the sea of material we are brainwashed with for fashion week, they show small amounts of what you need to (and want to) wear. Fur booties, leather jackets, mini dresses that don't squeeze your stomach so you can actually eat at dinner, and good old boyfriend tee shirts for girls. I'm also going to throw in their that they always MAKE the clothes as amazing as they look. The finishing on their samples alone are stellar and they deserve a round of applause for not getting lost in any part of the design process. I ♡ them and once again, I want every piece of this collection...and since they only did 17 looks, I will highlight them all for you. With that said, this is a great way to start out Fall 2010 Fashion Week because not a percentage of the shows will even compare to them. Enjoy!

 This is my second favorite look. But as we all know, i'm a sucker for legwarmers and to do just one in fall with a sandal is just genius!


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