Friday, February 12, 2010



Okay let's get one thing straight. I love fashion because of a few reasons. First because my Grandma Rose was a seamstress with dreams of being a designer and got stuck sewing parachutes for the war; with that it is in my blood. Secondly, my mom made her first outfit for her first date with my dad and it consisted of lace bell bottoms with hot pants to just cover her ass and a crop jacket to cover nothing but her bust is two and they made me as a result. And the third is the first time I saw Gwen Stefani live when I was 12 wearing a wife beater, suspenders, and plaid boys pants, with army boots on, jumping from speaker to speaker with her signature platinum hair and fierce red lips singing my favorite lyrics for all of us middle schoolers caught in the rift of trying to fit in while being ourselves, I knew she was going to inspire me with her style long before LAMB existed. And with that said, I will try very hard to separate my school girl love of this woman for being a serious fashion critic; but at the end of the day I love her, Bush - her amazingly stellar choice of husband, & her fashion...everything she is about.... so don't be upset if I am too nice on her.

This is my favorite look from her collection for a few reasons. It embodies the other looks from the collection while being very forward and still Gwen. I love the wide shoulders with the skinny leg. I think there's something about it that will define 2010 and I love how it's done monochromatic but with different patterns and textures. The rough layers combined with structured light layers are something most women can identify with. I like how occasionally she will switch it up and make the usually heavy pants the heavy tops and the soft shirts become the soft pant.  My other favorite concept from this collection is leather skinny pants inside the matching above knee leather boots. AND as much as I missed the classic Gwen Stefani suspenders, I LOVE how she took a belt and made it a "single side suspender like" accessory as an addition to a few of her pieces - brilliant. This is a great trend that I can see sticking around for many seasons.  One more note, nothing goes unnoticed, her girls are always styled well and that makes note that this LAMB is not just a design, she's a brand.  Well done Gwen. Do it again!!

I want this jacket. And I love that she wears it in the finale! Woosh!

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