Thursday, February 18, 2010

Calvin Klein - Fall 10

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein would be a lie to itself if it did anything besides "simple". So the drive in being special has to come in with their textiles, cuts, and silhouette style. While reviewing this collection, it is safe to say that while Calvin Klein is at one end of the fashion spectrum, designers like John Galliano are at the other. It is a horizontal spectrum meaning that one isn't necessarily above or below the other or that one sells more, they're just different. One leaves you wishing for an orange belt and some pink fur and the other one makes you crave a simple black muff, at the least. So what I can say here is that there are a few inspiring details in the design like these geometric coats and a 20's double flip hemline and that the two colors used were blue and periwinkle were completely unexpected to be the only two. Simple yet effective and still slightly inspiring...while boring the hell out of fashionistas like moi. Next.  

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