Thursday, February 25, 2010

Issa - Fall 10

I may not need my issa, but this Issa, I could use. LOVE the show opener pose and the 50's styling. I also had a serious fashion crush on a few pieces from her super 70's spring 10 collection. She is clearly inspired by the different decades of fashion that she loves, but the clothes are still relevant to our style globally today. She takes a lot of critique but it's because she's designing for a very demanding woman and also she goes off on tangents that sometime leave you craving more of the really strong pieces just developed differently and less of the tangent I don't personally get. I think she occasionally overdevelops her finishing touches and under delivers on the actually designing, BUT this season, I'm seeing a huge evolution from last fall and I think she's only going up and over from here so rock on ISSA! I love it and while I took it out of my name, it is not going off of my blog or my wardrobe anytime soon. I want the full arm leather gloves ASAP!

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