Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cynthia Steffe - Fall 10

Cynthia Steffe

A neutral color palette with the combination of neutral leather and berets and the occasional cherry bomb reds or fur details made this "school- girl" look of a collection wearable and approachable. There were a few moments where the collection is doing too much of the same and trying to force us into the grey sock trend seemed a bit too boring since leg warmers are so much cooler and way less early 90's which I lived already unlike the legwarmer era which I did not get to fully embrace. Something about this works well while reminding me of my middle school days...the stripes, the leather overall dress which I love, and the repeated baby doll silhouette. Sometimes though in these collections, I find myself grateful for one thing that keeps it all together... I'm just not sure if grey socks are it. Nothing forgotten but not much to remember either though. She's totally got wearable on the mind and I've got a few ideas from this and a few other collections that I'm seeing which I will be wearing so well done indeed; big boy shorts with a baggy cropped sweater...and a flat (covered) stomach with tights and leg accessories. I like this look. 

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