Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ADAM - Fall 10


Adam is a brand that you see out. You see this label since the beginning on the hot girls and you see his pieces transfer over to the next season. He is a forward designer which is why his pieces work season after season. He is always either right on point with what is going on for the forward buyers who like to wear their samples currently or he is doing a few things that could make another designer find their inspiration for their collection. [See the longer hem dress with the triangle knit ruffle and red this]. In this collection, I like that the hems are a prep school length and not seductively trying so hard to make a woman a woman. Adam women know that quality construction and that wearing the clothes, not letting the clothes wear you, is how to rock a look. Another solid trend from this that I have seen in a few other collections is the "all red" look. I like how it is loose fitting as a sweater and lighter red bulk skirt. It's sexy but "i'm wearing my boyfriends sweater and momma's skirt" sexy. Forward again. I think though, going total boho with ridiculous layering is dangerous and while it works in this collection, if anyone actually wore that, they would come off 10 years older than they actually were. I love the white cowboy boots, this is something I've recovered from my mom's archives and rocking all season with everything. And I will find a way into the kaki colored mod"skids" three images below. He does all types of pieces and in completion, it is a collection, and not just a look. All in all, I'm impressed...again. 

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