Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anna Sui - Fall 10

Anna Sui

I'm thinking Casino, because the mix of wild west with ultra glamour makes this collection almost as desirable as another great Scorsese film. The actual inspiration as quoted on "This season's show was a passport to the American Arts and Crafts movement of the late nineteenth century, bleeding into the Art Nouveau that has been Sui's default position for years. "   I am always amazing with Anna Sui because she makes fantasy fashion cross over into real life outfits. I'm sure it has to do with her accessorizing and understanding that inspiration is one part of design that should never be left out. I am amazed though how she doesn't do at least one or two pants in the entire collection but she is satisfying the little house on the prairie girl in all of us and that's okay with me. She never fails in defining her inspiration and selling it to our fashion followers. I love the amount of time she places on the details including her knits, textile design, and embellishments. There is so much color and prints but it still feels like WINTER! I love her, she never fails or disappoints. This is one of the shows I made it to. The best thing about Sui is that she has this AMAZING backdrop and this huge scene and the most amazing remix of The Cure and her clothes still take the cake. This is a hard feat for any designer and she always accomplishes this form with her collections. She's one of my hero's...and she is from Detroit! Swuiiiieeet!!  

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