Thursday, February 18, 2010

Isaac Mizrahi - Fall 10

Isaac Mizrahi

When I was about 10 years old, I wrote a letter and it went something like this. "Dear Oprah, I think a great idea for a show would be one where kids get to hang out for a day with the person they most look up to and want to be like in when they grow up and get a job. I want to be a fashion designer and I really want to spend a day with my favorite designer Isaac Mizrahi and see what his job is like. I also really look up to you and I think you should know I watch your show everyday and my family calls me the Oprah Queen. Please do this show." Nevertheless, like most things kids start, I never actually finished my rant by sending the letter and to be honest, whenever I come across that letter when I go home, I always wish I had. I mean I wanted to be this man so the fact that 1. He's still around and 2. He's still producing amazing clothes for ready to wear that I am READY TO WEAR...still...17 years later, I think this man is talented to the point where most people will critique his moments in his collections that are super sellable but I just want everything he does. I mean this guy gets fashion - he makes us believe. It's a winter let's make it snow. It's a tough time for let's add a lot of color to bring a little smile to the strugglers. And how about some super seductive evening wear with lots of texture and maybe even some reptile-ic feeling since we're already doing fur. Love him! At this age, I could have lived without the massive amounts of tulle at the end but that's probably why I obsessed over this man at such a young age. Oprah, if you're listening, I'd still like to do that show....maybe one day some kid will want to be like me. Until then, can you introduce me to this man? Just one day in his shoes is all I need! I'll post that letter on here if I ever find it again. Haha. Heart these highlights. ♡♡♡

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