Thursday, February 18, 2010

Milly - Fall 10


As my favorite rapper Snoop Dogg says, "You're doing too much..." And so these are the pieces that didn't make me want to punch someone in the face. Tights, we get it...don't drown your simple and pleasing collection with tights! We know they're in...but they're not that in. These highlights are chosen because the tights work with the beautiful clothes. I love the blue gloves with the simple black and white suit with a beret...again though, the white tights are killing us. The green tights were gaging me, and the pink tights are too 2001. Don't do that again Michelle, we like you! She was definitely on point with one trend this season I KEEP seeing which is an "everything red" look. I love what you did with her spring collection and the mini-mouse bows but when accessorizing a show, we get it if you do 20 bows and not every single on of your 40some looks with a bow, or in this case, tights. Making your mark as a designer isn't about accessorizing and doing something on every piece or doing the same little trademark with something like an accessory every season, it's about making awesome clothes and associating your name with a/your specific style. 

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