Friday, February 12, 2010

Jen Kao - Fall 10


This girl is doing a few things right in her Fall collection. She's using a multitude of textures, flattering silhouettes, and two colors in solo which I like together; forest green and plum cherry. While I do think that several pieces stand out, as you will see in my highlights, I find it all very safe. She does understand what lines compliment the female form and where one can afford to takes risks with certain silhouettes. I couldn't help but repeatedly thinking to myself though, that if that girl wasn't 6 foot and a size 2 that this wouldn't fly. Especially the furry shoulder girl...although on a model or actress, this could make a red carpet sparkle. Although then again who knows, on the right fashionista, anything can work. I love the girly red leather dress but that's the one I again if that was on the wrong girl it would be really wrong. At the end of the night though, I do think when one walks into a room in a Kao look, people will notice. She understands for a solid collection, to make it really esthetic to us the buyers, one will pick a combination of lines on the body and design around it. I like the areas she is choosing to expose. Almost all her pieces have the same lines...but I like the lines she chose. Overall, I like her. No designer is going to be selling entire wardrobes. She's the one you want to have a few great pieces and mix into other designers.  I would love to try on one of her pieces. If they feel and fit as good as they look, this girl is going to be around for a while. These are highlights though and her work is in a solid progression. I love the bodysuit. Props to get this many quality pieces that are different by much and go together so well. It is a feat, to be recognized.

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