Monday, September 27, 2010

"Surfer's Porn..."

Let's take a break from fashion for a little water love....some like to call this surfer's porn; The biggest wave ever surfed and apparently he's still alive....SWEEET!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Marchesa Spring/Summer 2011 Collection takes the couture cake and eats it too

Marchesa Spring/Summer 2011 Collection takes the couture cake and eats it too

New York, September 15, 2010

In journalism it is generally wrong to self-reference but this one time, I must. I had the honor of showroom modeling for this company’s bridal couture and it is no surprise why this company takes away breath and stops hearts with every season. It’s not just the sheer, beautiful volume of their ideas invented, it is the glamour and elegance such volume and design can achieve given an immense amount of talent and devotion. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are fashion design goddesses. Their designs are breathtaking and they are also comfortable to wear, which is just an added perk because as most fashionistas know, beauty is often in eveningwear also known as pain. This collection while keeping many of their fall silhouette concepts, plays with laser cutting, armory jeweling, rose inspired and aristocratic drapery draping, tulle masses, watercolor floral, and something that looks like rich and specific black smoke finely placed on a white chiffon. Many of the dresses took volume to a confusing and still comforting level, as Marchesa does best. The most effective pieces, if one had to choose, were a few crepe like dresses that actually resemble paper in pleasing curvature. There were several Erte Aladdin pant pieces that were a nice change for the designer duo while remaining in their expensive taste. The color palette was mostly white, off whites, and pink crèmes, while the lavender and plum pieces were royal additions. The play with black in this collection was genius and will surely attract buyers. There are too many days between the day of this show and their next one. More designs more often from this amazing house, many fashion lovers silently dream, please.

 In a dream world, this is what the Oscars lineup would look like :)

Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is for an open mind

New York, September 15, 2010

Oh Jeremy Scott, you proper bad boy you, what will be next? Jeremy Scott channels but invents when he designs and it is surely why he has so many fans. This season he has bits and pieces seriously reminiscent of McQueens Fall 2010 show makeup and hair, Lady gaga… and everything she stands for including her meat dress, and it must be said, San Francisco. Only the Castro Carnival, speaking from experience, compares when it comes to menswear on this level. And so it went, has anyone actually ever started a show in New York with the beloved I ? NY logo? Who cares. He did it on a Marilyn Monroe blonde in a see through apron dress you could call fabric, if you consider acetate/gauze/chiffon at it’s lightest weight, fabric. If it stays on all the way down the catwalk, it should probably count. Paired with a “classy” brief and some white biker boots, it works. And then came the parade of repeat looks with different slogans including but not limited to “Thank you for shopping”, “F*ck you”, and “Have a nice day”. Other prints and slogans included Rent Me, Trash, Fetish, Admit One, boot prints, tire marks, safety pins, and good ol’ crosses. The color palette was strictly white, black, and red (all over?). Lot’s of sexy dresses and high waitsted skirts with crop tops (trend alert) in leather, sequins, some new gold metal looking textile, and Madonna Jean Paul Gautier inspired busts. The wedding dress finale was a straight jacket with such bust and shiny satin…one can only hope. Although the polyester was surely running rabid, so was the innovation with a pop can textile and yes chaps on all his men. There will always be some shock factor when a man has on a thong and chaps and for some reason; the womens wear loses no element of pizzazz during his show. That is a feat, what with all the inner male thighs to do such distracting. The animal hoof boots took the show to a whole new level and of course when Scott came out in all white with wings on, one could help but agree his “F*ck you” was truly sincere.