Monday, January 31, 2011

Givenchy Spring 2011 Couture Collection Review. In a word; Art.

Givenchy Spring 2011 Couture Collection Review. In a word; Art

Spring 2011 Couture Collection
Paris, February 2011

There is no doubt that fashion is a form of art and human expression. Yet it is still a fresh gift to fashion lovers each season when one or two designers go off the deep end regarding this perspective. Givenchy Creative Director Riccardo Tisci played with French haute couture’s long time lover; Asian and Japanese influence. Tisci held back no form of artistry when it came to this season’s highest form of fashion. Merging his inspirations from dancer Kazuo Ohno’s highly stylized performance titled Butoh and the Japanese plastic toy robot obsession throughout Planet Earth over the past decade, this collection truly pushed boundaries with design and accessorizing while entertaining all the while.

Held at the Hotel d’Evreux, an all-Asian supermodel cast displayed the show of wonders. 10, real life kimono ballerina couture robots, walked the catwalk with each more fantastical than the next. These are one of a kind dresses and will never be re-created, as is the story with couture and the specialty of this art. The show opening was shocking. A reflective swan embroidery lain precisely upon a floor length dress of tulle with a back accent of fluorescent coral red orange wings set the bar. The three magic plastic headpieces, which looked like something straight out of “JapAnime” cartoons, and fantasy sandal pumps in addition to the dream of a dress, also set the bar for all designers who want to be considered visionary and true innovative artists.  All were floor length and all were beaded or intricately embroidered or feathered. Laser cut leathers met up with quilted and pleated bird like courtesan/geisha ties and ribboning for proper layering and finishes. All were set upon a tulle or silk crème and white kimono styled, square shouldered silhouettes. All except two stayed true to the crème and back quilted origami Barbie pink, lotus yellow, and lime green fluorescent shiny satin detailing.  Those fluorescent details looked like an insect had magically landed upon the Queen of Tokyo’s shoulders and formed to the backpack of her couture. The two solo “off” dress to the color palette were lilac masterpieces beaded to the tens with lime green and lilac shiny Swarovski crystals and pearls. The highlight was the subtle yet clear display of flesh. Most backless, one topless, some sheer legged; whatever the trick, they all left the model buzzing with sex-appeal in the midst of hundreds of hours of work per look. This cohesive French/Asian overly decorated couture collection perfected kimono chaos while embracing Victorian magnificence. One could not help but feel that Bjork’s red-carpet swan had transformed in this collection to an aristocratic crane. No expense was spared and it translated as such. To say that Tisci has wondrous style would be a horrific understatement. The man is an artist and a blessing to the fashion community.

Friday, January 7, 2011