Friday, August 13, 2010

India.Arie - He Heals Me

I hope this man exists...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

iPhone4 vs HTC Evo- The "Safe For Work" version

This is really funny....this is the family/work safe version :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Corsica & Sardinia Vacation on the CD 2 Yacht

I'm sitting here at the rooftop of Shoreditch House in London two days after returning from my amazing 8 day getaway with my friend and his family. We had the most amazing time! We traveled from Calvi to Porto to Bonifacio to Ile Cavalo to Bay of Pero and finished up in Cala di volpe (which means the wolf's cove :). It was amazing and I would suggest visiting any one of those amazing spots to anyone interested in beautiful experiences. There were 10 of us and 10 crew on the yacht and I had a hard time separating from all of them. My friend's family has a special magic about them. Everyone was so kind and nice to be around. I'm still recovering from laughing so hard on a few of the nights. The crew was super sweet and I also had a tough time adapting the last few days without the stellar chef Victor and the healer masseuse Melissa ;).

Sitting here, on the top of this giant building on the east side of my second home London, I still feel the rocking from the boat and it is a surreal feeling! Apparently it's called Earth Sickness....I just call it my body craving the wide open sea again lol. I think we are all feeling a bit of separation sadness from the amazing week but it is a sadness I actually somewhat enjoy. It's like a happy sad. I could see myself living that lifestyle. A moving house with a team of happy and amazing people both on staff and in the group. It would be an amazing way to see the world, indubitably.

As always, I documented the most amazing places with my teleportation style of jumping in many of my photos. I use this jump in my photos for a few reasons. 1. It adds an element of fun to the photos. 2. It looks like we just jumped into this amazing place for a second which looking back is how it feels. And 3. Because it makes everyone not put on their normal faces and makes everyone in the photo let loose and enjoy the place we are at! So enjoy the following several fav shots from my trip and I hope you can all have an experience like I did one day in these amazing places!!

Lot's of love, respect, gratuity, and sincerity to the Antabi family and friends who I had the best trip of my life with!!!

Mel Rose

The CD 2 Yacht
Best shot!
A swimsuit from my new collection!
Roberto Cavalli's Yacht
Still lauging...
Luna - Abramovich's New Yacht
The most expensive hotel in August in the world!

The magical Eva-tar!

Bandar aka Monkey in Hindu (aka my bff who brought me on this amazing trip!)

 I got artistic one day :) Watercolor painting

Back to reality....

The lovely crew! New Zealanders mainly!

There's soooo many more but they are in the mail I promise to those who were a part of all this happy madness!! xoxox