Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mel Rose MIA...

Well...that was a bit of a blog break but I'm back. And I am back with LOTS of news. So I'm launching a new collection and I'm making everything in the USA! WHAT?! Yes. It's true. So on top of that I'm getting into acting back home in LA and shooting to relaunch my modeling's a look at a new shoot which I will post soon by amazing Lasonic. Amazing amazingness on it's way and I promise to be better about keeping up my blog. My summer is jam packed and I'm going to be taking you with me on my following adventures...My schedule is below so check it out and let's dance if we're in the same places and if you're in my industry than get on it and let's shoot and make some magic!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

July 2nd-12th ---- Michigan
July12th-14th --- London
July 14th-18th --- St. Tropez
July 18th -28th --- London
July 28th - August 4th --- Corsica to Olbia Yacht Trip
August 4th- 12th --- NYC
August 12th - indefinite --- LA!!!



Saturday, June 5, 2010

NEW MUSIC --- JJ No.2 is rocking my world.--- ♡♡♡

JJ No.2

When it comes to music, I like everything. This is a little bit of heaven. And since this album is bringing me so much joy I had to share it with you!!