Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Agent Provocateur and Armand de Brignac champagne team up for amazing fall 2010 fashion week event

One of the highlights of New York fashion week for the Fall 2010 festivities was the teaming up of the worlds #1 Champagne with the sexiest lingerie collection on Earth and creating a fabulous event.  Armand de Brignac and Agent Provocateur proudly and properly teamed up in many locations all around the world in celebration of the holiday of love, Valentines Day.  

The gorgeous model that was standing live in the window of Agent Provocateur in Soho stood flirting, teasing, and rounding up all forms of fashionistas and shoppers for this event. The air in the store was light while still driven and energetic. It was a nice break, for many of the fashionistas who were working hard in New York for fashion week, to take a champagne break and fantasize about all the sexy lingerie lining the walls and glass cases.

The most interesting part of the new collection had to be the Wonderwoman inspired lingerie. It was fun while still being sexy. It had a twist to it that you don’t often see in lingerie much less in fashion.  Some of the other eye-catching pieces consisted of plastic see through coats and French maid inspired sets. The mesh pieces from the collection with defined seams were the most practical and desirable pieces. The nipple covers were the least practical but equally desirable accessories.

Overall, the event was a success.  The whole vibe portrayed both companies as the aristocratic, fashion forward, and sexy dominators of the fashion industry that they are.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have some new agents so I wanted to let you all know how to book me! See you soon!! x

Canada/North America Model Agent - Edge Models
Contact: Jenny ---

London Model Agent - UK - Leni's Model Management
Contact: Eleni ---

New York Model Agent - Model Service Agency
Contact: Thomas ---


New York Acting Agent - ABOUTFACE
Contact: Jenevieve ---


Michigan/ Midwest Model and Acting Agent - Production Plus Talent
Contact: Marsha ---


On with Milan...again...Etro - Fall 10


This is one of the shows I've had the pleasure to be front row for seasons ago. (Thanks Mimi!) I remember appreciating her textiles the most. She had this one model in the show and I could never understand why she chose an anorexic girl to wear a backless was gross to see backbones and spine ruin a beautiful evening piece. I'm happy all her girls this season look healthy but it could very well be because this is a fall collection and these models are fully covered. And I love that in a FALL collection. It's funny, there is this old quote I love and always reminds me of these stick figures, which I relate to because I was called anorexic every day of my pre-teen youth but it is true; "There comes a time when a woman must choose between her bum and her face." Stay away from the skeletons, Veronica..and all you other designers for that matter!! A healthy looking face is worth a little junk in the trunk even at a fashion show. Haha yeah right - not in this era. But if it doesn't look right, it's better not to send it out on the runway. I say that because it's the one thing from her show I remember instead of the full impact of the collection. Nevertheless, this is fashion and it is what it is, for now at least. I just love her work regardless. She is a true inspiration, totally wearable, and yet unique and genius with her color choices and print combinations. They always seem to work no matter how many different prints she uses. I'm never a fan of one shoulder dresses, but these I would buy and keep forever. It works because she balances the naked shoulder with opposite skirt slits and dark color offsets. I would also love to wear one of her turquoise pieces with the red stained fur from this collection. ♡

Veronica Etro